30 Days with Nature.

Congrats on spending 30 days with nature!

Today the 30x30 challenge wraps-up.  Let's take a look back at the last 30 days (feel free to answer these questions yourself if you participated):

What did you manage to do?  Lots of walking (including evening strolls), Frisbee, soccer, managed to explore a new park, picnic/ate outdoors, etc.

What didn't you do?  Didn't get out biking, no gardening, and not as much time reading outdoors as I had hoped (I did this a bit, but most days in June were just soooooooo hot it was hard to stay idle outdoors).

How did you feel spending so much time with nature? Loved it. Especially now that it is warmer, it was nice to take advantage of the warm and bright evenings too. However, I must say that most of the time I didn't actually feel like I was immersed in 'nature'.  Remember that I live in Toronto, people :P  Finding true green spaces was HARD, but I made the most of city parks and neighborhoods.

What was the trickiest part?  Rainy days were challenging.  I managed to find a moment during one particularly wet day when the rain had stopped and got outdoors.  On another rainy day, I just put on my rubber boots and took an umbrella to keep me dry. Oh, and as I said above, completing the challenge in a city was tricky.

Hmm, now that July is here, should we start another challenge?  I am thinking about starting a smoothie one. A smoothie-a-day would be quite refreshing! 

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  1. I did it too...yeaaah!

    I walked...topping it off with a 2.5 k walk the runway at work, gardened, ate outside, coastline visit, patios at pubs, laundry and other yard chores. Sat with the cats :)

    I lovvvveeee being outside - can't get enough - should have been a farmer or landscaper, etc.

    Rainy days weren't so bad - I would make up extra time on super nice days to balance - but there is nothing wrong with getting a little wet!

    Smoothies....? maybe...



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