Today is the halfway point of the 30x30 Nature Challenge!  Congratulations to all those participating.  

Image source here.

Here's a recap of some ways that I've completed my 30 minutes a day (hopefully to give you some inspiration):

- walks (SO many walks)
- sat under a tree (yep, I just sat there (and ate a snack). Took in the sights and sounds of the world around me)
- Frisbee (the perfect Summer 'sport')
- did work outside (I sat outside and sent emails, etc. Feeling the breeze and sun while 'working' was enjoyable)
- sightseeing (went somewhere new and just took in the outdoorsy 'sights'. No need to go far to 'sight-see')
- read a book in a park (on a park bench)

Still on my list to try this month:

- picnic!
- bicycle? ...or garden?
- more reading outdoors (note the picture shown above)
- explore a new park in the city (hopefully going to do that TODAY)

...and even if you aren't registered for the challenge, that doesn't mean that today isn't the perfect day to spend some time in nature.  You got to start somewhere, am I right? ;)


  1. Half way through :) This is one challenge I am finding easy.

    These are things I do:

    Hanging out laundry,watering vegetable plants as well as flowers, weeding too. Breaks at work on the bench, bbq's and eating outside, working on the house shingles, having a beverage on the patio,and walking.

    Now my goal is to get to the beach - rocky or sandy - doesn't matter, as long as I am close to the water.


  2. If your bike has a water-bottle holder and a handlebar-basket, you could cycle and garden simultaneously!
    (Though I would not recommend doing so on busy streets)


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