Island Fun.

Today was fun! I spent the day on the Toronto Islands. The weather was sunny and breezy; perfect for visiting the lush green islands for the first time.

What did I do on the island? Play Frisbee Golf (or rather Disc Golf, because Frisbee is technically a brand name). Disc Golf is just like golf, only instead of swinging a ball into a hole, you have to throw a Frisbee into a net.  To the left is a picture of my Frisbee held up beside the map for Hole #10.

There is a lot I could say about the islands, but I'll keep the post short by discussing only my favorite island detail.  The best of the island was the activity!  Everyone on the island (and it was busy, even for a Tuesday) was being physically active. I saw bikers, roller bladders, canoe-ers, kayake-ers, hikers, walkers, Fribee-ers, paddlers, swimmers, runners, and more! You could even rent these cool two-to-four person bike buggies (pictured to the right) to drive around the island in. The island was simply bustling with (physical) activity.  What a sight to see so many people content while moving.

My visit to the islands today confirmed my belief that physical activity can most definitely be fun. So here is my plea: dear readers, now that it is Summer---sunny and warm---it is time to get moving! No cold wintery excuses will do.  The great outdoors is one giant playground just waiting to be explored.

So, who is with me? Let's make this Summer an active one!

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  1. I'll pledge - if swinging a hammer will be accepted ;)

    xox Mom


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