Let's Go Foraging.

Taken with a cellphone camera; sorry for the poor quality.

I found this edible plant pamphlet (it kind of like an laminated handout) and a hardware store recently. I instantly fell in love with this little botanical medicine guide. Here are three surprisings things I've learned from it thus far:

1) The inner bark of maple trees is edible

2) All parts of buttercups (the little yellow flower) are poisonous

3) Spruce tree needles can be steeped as tea

In terms of the June nature (30x30) challenge, wouldn't this month be an excellent time to go foraging for edible plants?  If you decide to try foraging, I would highly recommend that you do your research first.  There are lots of poisonous ones out there!  Pick-up a guide or do some Googling online before you begin. Finding edible plants in the wild can be tricky.  Luckily for me, not only does my new guide point out the safe, edible plants, but it also contains a poisonous list too. By the way, the official name of my guide is Edible Wild Plants: An Introduction to Familiar North American Species.
Happy Foraging!

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