Paintings are More Memorable.

I got crafty over the weekend. 

Can you guess how this painting will help me with my NPLEx studies? 

If only I could paint a pretty version of every complex image I need to memorize for the exam. I totally would if time and resources were plentiful :P.  Now whenever I need to think of ______, my painting of this concept will pop into my head!  I'm sure that I will be able to remember this piece during my exam much more easily than one from a textbook. As a result of me jazzing-it up and giving it personality, this concept is now more meaningful to me, which also makes it more memorable to me.

Note: a full explanation of the painting will be posted tomorrow on the blog.


  1. Menstrual cycle! JBW

  2. I also definitely think menstrual cycle! Except I'm not sure what the bottom brown & black line represents!

  3. It is the menstrual cycle for sure :)



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