Brain Boosting.

With my big exam next week, I've been boosting my brain all week! 

Here are three brain-boosting things that I am currently doing:

1) Fish.  This week I made both my sardine salad and my anchovy-containing Caesar salad dressing (my two SMASH recipes).  Hooray for omega-3 fatty acids (the fats important for brain health!).

2) Fish Oil. I try to take fish oil daily, but sometimes I forget. Not this week! I've been consistent with this supplement.  The fish oil brand I use: Ascenta.

3) Sleep.  Yep, got to make sure that you sleep enough because sleep is when short-term memories are converted into long-term ones. I've been getting around 8.5 hours a night and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another day with books!

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