Burp, Cough, Toot, Yawn.

Did you know that a perfectly healthy body will not burp, cough, toot, or yawn? Yep, these symptoms are not normal! 

If you are burping... you are eating or drinking too quickly (swallowing air as you speed eat/drink), or you are simply consuming (and possibly too many) carbonated products (pop, beer, carbonated water, fizzy drinks, etc). A burp occurs when carbon dioxide (a gas) rises up from the stomach, forcing itself out of the body through the burp reflex.

If you are coughing... you may have chronic pulmonary problems (one example includes tuberculosis), cardiovascular problems (one example includes congestive heart failure), or are allergic to something in your air (dust, pollen, sawdust, pesticides, etc). Consult your doctor to investigate the cough further. Coughs can also occur as a side effect of some medications; check with your doctor if you have started a medication and have since started coughing regularly. A cough can be normal, however, if you have a cold or are recovering from one.

If you are tooting... you are eating a food that you are sensitive or intolerant too, you have eaten something that has gone bad, or you have eaten too many beans without rinsing. Breaking wind is not a normal, healthy symptom. It means that something in your diet is not being properly digested. As a result, the undigested food travels to the large intestine/colon where bacteria living here begin to eat the food themselves, releasing gases as a byproduct, and causing flatus (aka tooting). Tooting can easily be resolved if the perpetrator is removed.

If you are yawning... you are not sleeping enough. Morning yawn especially mean that your getting up despite not having slept enough. Afternoon yawns mean that your body is craving a siesta/nap/time to rest-up. Take note that yawning is normal, however, if it is 30 minutes before your normal bedtimes, or if you are in a room surrounded by other chronic yawners (it's contagious!).


  1. I don't mean to sound like I'm doubting you, but it seems like there must certainly be more causes than just these... 0r are these just for chronic issues? For instance, isn't tooting also caused by tummy viruses like Norwalk? And what about stress? I thought stress worsened gas issues? And I know some people get bad gas from broccoli... are they not supposed to eat it then?

  2. Oh yes, I meant chronically! Food poisoning or stomach flus are definite exceptions.

    Broccoli could be a food sensitivity or intolerance, however, which would require more investigation. If it is every time he or she eats broccoli, even a little bit, then likely sensitivity/intolerance... if it is when large amounts are eaten, then that's probably due to too much cellulose (the plant protein we can't digest). It really depends on the context.

    The point of this post was to point out that if you toot, yawn, cough, or burp daily, then maybe something is going on in the body that should be looked into.


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