Bye, Bye Summer.

Celebrate the end of Summer with beach time and cupcakes!

Summer is almost over.  Only one day of fun left before school starts on the 4th (hello third-year madness!).

So how was my Summer?  Quite busy, actually, with all NPLEX studying, preceptoring, future clinic prep (I'm always thinking of the future!), party planning (I'm throwing a big one soon!), reading, and enjoying Toronto. I wrote myself a massive "to-do this Summer" list in May and I am happy to report that other than three things, the list is complete! Phew.  However, one of those uncompleted projects was my cookbook (I wanted to publish it by August).  Yeah, that was just too much of an undertaking that I didn't leave myself enough time to complete.  Sad, but I'll publish it eventually.  I have most of it complete anyway.  By not rushing to complete the book, I now have more time to make everything 'just right'.  I'll likely work on it over the Fall (in addition to my school work) and maybe in the New Year it'll be ready to go!

Hope everyone had a relaxing, yet productive, Summer!  
...and to all my student readers: enjoy your Labor Day before 'real life' resumes on the 4th. The calm before the storm.

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