Goal Writing.

Hope you enjoyed my Summer Scenes, it was my way of concluding my Summer posting and allowed me to officially say goodbye to my school-less days. Now, let's resume the health and medically-related posting. 

It's been a week of school. It's been a week of adjusting.  It's been a week of routine. It's been tough!

Sigh... anybody else already missing the days of Summer? 

(Also, not only have I been adjusting to spending all of my time at school, but I've been adjusting to the new found Fall weather.  Brr! It's quite chilly out there. I guess it is time to put away the flip-flops and bring out the scarfs). 

One way of re-adjusting the schedule change is to set goals.  I am a big fan (and so is my new Health Psychology professor) of writing out goals. By writing them down, you are more likely to adhere to them.  It is as if when they are written down, you suddenly become accountable and responsible for completing them.  

We learned in Health Psychology last week that properly written goals should be specific, measurable, manageable, and positively-stated. The goals shouldn't be vague (specific), you should able to measure whether the goal is completed or being worked on (measurable), the goals should be realistic and do-able (manageable), and they should be stated in a positive manner (I want to do... rather than don't do...).

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