Scarfs for all Seasons.

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I used to think that people only wore scarfs to be fashionable, but I've since learned that they actually have health-protecting benefits. 

For instance, late last winter, I posted the Chinese Medicine theory regarding scarfs on the blog.  (To remind you: the theory is that scarfs protect against colds and flus that enter through our vulnerable 'wind gate'). 

Yesterday, I learned another reason why wearing a scarf is a great idea during colder months in my Physical Medicine class: scarfs keep neck muscles warm. 

During colder months, it is important to keep neck muscles warm. When muscles are warm, they are also relaxed. On the other hand, when muscles are cold, they are tensed. Chronically tensed muscles lead to neck pain and even headaches. Other symptoms such as jaw pain and vision problems have even been linked to tense neck muscles; crazy!

Scarfs can be worn in Summer months too, especially in you work/live in drafty offices/buildings or ones with blasting air-conditioners. My professor explained how air-conditioners have been linked to neck problems because the frigid blowing air makes exposed neck muscles cold and tense (possibly leading to neck pain and headaches). Good thing scarfs are fashionable in the Summer too! :P
P.S. Happy Love Day to my Momma and Papa!


  1. Great info as usual. Thanks.
    And Happy Day to your folks too!

    Momma M

  2. Thank you Becca and Momma M, 27 years of wedded bliss ;)

    PS I am wearing a scarf today!

    Momma F


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