10 Things Learned from Minor Surgery

10 Things I Learned from my Minor Surgery

I had a very minor, teeny-weeny surgery on the weekend.  From this experience I've learned 10 things: 

1) Everybody's got a story: whenever I told people about my upcoming surgery, every had their own story to tell about their own relevant surgeries. I loved hearing these stories and tucked all of their advice in the back of my mind in case my situation was anything like their situation. 
2) Everyone's unique: although I learned a lot from the stories I heard (see #1), my story was, of course, unlike any of the stories I had heard. 
3) Expect the unexpected: my recovery was nothing like I expected it to be (different symptoms, sensations, etc). However, it also was much better than I expected. Hooray!
4) A nurse is needed: I had a wonderful 'nurse' during my recovery period. If you don't have access to an actual human-being to be your 'nurse', then a fluffy teddy bear will do. However, the best situation is a human-nurse plus a fluffy teddy bear :)

5) Excitement beats nervousness: (maybe it is just because I am in med-school and am super interested in all things medical, but...) weeks before the surgery I was nervous, but days before the surgery I was actually excited ...because it was a new experience and an opportunity to learn more about medicine and surgical protocol! 
6) Television helps: Even if you aren't a TV person, you will become a TV person during recovery. Hello afternoon figuring skating! 
7) Have a well-stocked kitchen: I did a major grocery run before my surgery, but my food preferences and appetite changed (due to nausea), meaning a second grocery run was in order. 
8) Ice cream makes everything better. Coconut milk ice cream for the win. 
9) No wait, 'get well' balloons make everything better.

10) Increased thankfulness: it's true that whenever you are sick, you become so thankful for your health. Now that I am recovered, I am so happy to be 'back' to my old self. I am also very thankful that my surgery and recovery were both successful. Lastly, I'm forever grateful for all of the love and support I received from my family and friends during this time. 


  1. Mama is glad you are better too and very relieved you had a great nurse!!

    xoxoxo to you and your nurse ;)

  2. I did! ...and my bear was a good nurse too. :P


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