Breast Feeding Preceptoring.

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Today I preceptored at the breast feeding clinic located at CCNM.  Boy oh boy, all I can say is that I had no idea that breast feeding was so complicated!  I don't know much about breast feeding; probably next semester in my Maternal Care course I will learn a lot more and today, of course, I learned tons. The ladies working at the clinic were extremely knowledgeable and gave the new mothers all kinds of tips, advice, and encouragement. Any new mothers out there with any breast feeding concerns: please, please, please go and see a lactation consultant!  The consultant will help you and your baby with the whole feeding experience, very likely making it a million times better.

Happy Sixty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary, Gram and Gramp!  
Lots of love from your oh-so-proud and very-happy-for-you-two, granddaughter.


  1. Glad to hear it was good Amy! I want to check it out too. JBW

  2. As a breast feeding veteran, I also suggest "expecting" Momma's to go to a class or clinic or seek advice- it's good to have some info before the bundle arrives as it can be overwhelming.

    xxxooo Momma


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