Pumpkin for Prostrate

Green Gems 
Did you know that pumpkin seeds were particularly good for prostate health?  That's right: a handful of pumpkin seeds a day is especially good for overall prostate health, prostatitis (i.e. infection of the prostate gland), and BPH (benign prostate hypertropy, I very, very common condition in which the prostate enlarges and obstructs urine flow). 

It's not just male who benefit either, pumpkin seeds are phytoestrogenic, meaning they help regulate estrogen levels, increasing them or decreasing them depending on the female's individual hormonal needs.

Both males and females will benefit from the zinc content of pumpkin seeds too. Pumpkins seeds are very high in this mineral needed by the immune system.  

Three ways to eat pumpkin seeds: ground as butter (major grocery stores sell pumpkin seed butter), sprinkled on salads (they add nice crunch), or snacked upon (you can buy roasted and seasoned pumpkin seeds at grocery stores or bulk food stores, they are a better alternative to potato chips for those craving a salty treat). 

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