Thanksgiving Feast.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Who is cooking up a feast today?  I am! ...but mine will be entirely gluten-free, dairy-free, refined-sugar-free, and vegan. It's been my tradition for the last three years to cook this meal; it's not only delicious, but nourishing and healthy too. Today I'm cooking not just for Tony and I, but for classmates/friends too!   You can expect pictures of my Thanksgiving feast sometime next week, but in the meantime, if you need some dinner inspiration, check out these holiday recipes from around the web:

 ...and I can't conclude this blog post without saying thanks. THANK YOU for reading my blog over the past two-plus years!  I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing health tid-bits with you.


  1. Thank you ....for being a lovely girl,my girl :)

    I hope you enjoy your thanksgiving meal with your friends - I am thankful you have all of them, and especially thankful that you have Tony, to celebrate with you when you can not be home.


  2. Thank you for all your good wishes and love. GRAM andGRANDAD are so thankful for BECCA and TONY and all our children and grand and greatgrand ones.GOD has really BLESSED us. Gram and Grampy.


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