An Acupuncture Treatment

Today was my first time performing a full acupuncture treatment on a patient. A couple of weeks ago, I took my patient's case, then had a week to come up with a TCM diagnosis (which is different than a Western medical diagnosis) and treatment plan. After a week, I presented the case and plan to my supervisor for approval. Finally, today I got to execute my acupuncture treatment plan on the patient. Overall, it was a really fun experience. I was even proud of my ability to remember many of the points' location, which made locating them on my patient a relatively easy task! Just a quick look in my point location textbook and suddenly I remembered all the points again. Today I even needled some points that I hadn't needled since first year acupuncture practicals. It was sort of like a scavenger hunt, searching for the correct point location (weird analogy, I know, but that is what it felt like). Now here's hoping that my patient finds improvement from my acupuncture protocol!


  1. So exciting! You're welcome to practice on me anytime... only location of course. :)


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