Cayenne Pepper Feet.

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We learned about Cayenne pepper (Capsicum) in Botanical Medicine recently. People often associate this herb with spicy food; it is a component in chili powder and has quite the kick! However, this herb also has lots of medicinal properties too.  My professor made a funny comment when he talked about this herb in class: he said that skiers and other people who spend long periods of outdoors in the cold, should sprinkle some cayenne pepper onto their toes before they go into the cold!  Apparently the constituents in Cayenne stimulate not only the heat receptors in the mouth, but those externally too!  I'm not a skier but I think I will try this sometime in the Winter; one day when I have to be outside during long periods of time.  I bet it will feel silly to sprinkle a spice on my feet, but it is worth a try.

Note: I have not tried this and am not recommending it per say, just sharing the idea. I am not responsible for burnt toes! :P

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  1. Hot tootsies- interesting!

    Hope you had a warm and fuzzy b'day Becca ;)

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