How to Deliver Medicine to Children.

I attended the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors' (OAND...however, it is now called the NDO, more on this later) Annual Conference this week.  Boy-oh-boy, what a learning opportunity it was!  Wayyy more posts about this conference to come. However, tonight since I'm totally exhausted (the conference required super early wake up times), you'll get nothing more than some pictures of a cool new concept discovered at the conference.

A compounding pharmacy present at the conference's trade-show featured a whole display case full of various administration forms in which doctors can order supplements. I doubt I am being clear, so here is an example: say a naturopathic doctor wants a baby to have a vitamin B12 supplement. The doctor can then call up this pharmacy and have them add vitamin B12 to a pacifer tip. This way whenever the baby uses the pacifier, he or she gets his or her daily dose of vitamin B12.

Vitamin Gummies!

Lolly pops and a pacifier to the right. 

Other administration methods in which NDs can order supplements: in lolly pops and as gummy bearsVery cool! Increase patient compliance by easing supplement administration... makes sense to me. My only worry is that the gummies and lollies seem to be colored and food dye is a huge concern in childhood behavioural issues today. Also, do these supplements encourage the eating of candy? Because we NDs wouldn't want to promote that ;)

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