The Beet Test.

Have you heard of the Beet Test

It's a simple way to see how your well your digestion and elimination systems are working. Transient time is the time that it takes one to completely digest and eliminate a meal; the time it takes to go from first bite to bowel movement. Transit time can be calculated by eating beets!  Eat some beets and then watch and wait.  Within a day or two, your stool should have turned a pink/purple/light red color.  Ideally, transit time should be within 24-48 hours. Any longer means means your digestion and elimination systems are sluggish.

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  1. so simple! love it!

    but wouldn't transient time always be changing? Say you had more fibre that one day...? or less? or say you have a certain food that makes digestion happen very fast (like lettuce for some people). So would you measure transient time a few times and take the average?


Thanks for your comment!