Unsweetened Cranberry Juice

One of the first interventions that can be taken against a urinary tract infection (UTI) is to consume large amounts of unsweetened cranberry juice. Yum for me (I like cranberry juice), but yuck for many :P

At the first onset of UTI symptoms (increased urination frequency and urgency, pain in the lower pelvic region, pain upon urination, etc), 500 mL of unsweetened cranberry juice can be drunk (in addition to lots of water and herbal teas). However, some people simply can't tolerate the bitterness of the unsweetened cranberry juice (sugar feeds bacteria, so unsweetened and natural cranberry juice is key to combat the infection). For these people cranberry capsules can be taken instead. The amount of the medicinal cranberry compound (a compound known as PAC) found in 500 mL of cranberry juice is 55 mg of PAC; therefore so long as enough cranberry capsules are taken to achieve this dosage per day, taking the caps should give the same effect as drinking the juice. Nonetheless, capsule takers must drink even more water because they are missing out on those beneficial 500 mL of fluid when they opt for capsules instead.

Note: Ocean Spray is not a good source of medicinal cranberry juice. Instead, two good versions of natural cranberry juice that can be purchased at major grocery chains or health food stores are shown above.


  1. I drink "Just Juice" - it appears much more expensive...approx $10.00 per bottle, but you use a 1 to 4 dilution with water so it goes a long way.


    1. Good suggestion, just make sure to drink half the bottle (500 mL) over the course of a day, despite dilutions.


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