Wish all Mondays featured free food...

Monday of this week was quite exciting! Highlights include:

Supportive new chairs. 

On Monday, the school's hallways overflowed with new chairs! Some of the school's classroom's got their crappy old chairs replaced with these new and lumbar-supportive chairs. They didn't look comfy to me upon first glance, but once I took a seat in one, I was totally won over. They support my back so well!

Lunch. I had seconds too. Love kale salads!

Later on Monday, there was a talk by the author of the new book Your Brain on Nature, written by a CCNM graduate and practicing naturopathic doctor! The first 50 people into the talk got a free copy of the book, everyone who attended got a free lunch (gluten-free avocado and tofu wraps for me and winter veg and chickpea salad, yum!), and everyone got free supplements of greens powder at the end of the talk. In addition to all of these sweet goodies, the talk itself was very good!  We talked a lot about vitamin G (G for greenspace). More talk reflections will be posted in a separate post. 

The book! Love the tree/brain graphic. 

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  1. wow - totally looks nom, nom, talk sounded good too :)

    wish i was there ;) Mom


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