Orange Peel Tea

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According to TCM theories, orange peels can help with digestion when we've overeaten. Chen Pi (which is Chinese for Tangerine Peel) prevents stagnation, dries dampness, and descends stomach Qi; three actions that help moderate overeating.

Apparently the medicinal properties in the peel will help you feel less bloated, stuffed, and lethargic (you know, all those awesome feelings that come after eating a giant meal). Since oranges are in season in December, I am going to make this tea to have after my Xmas dinner meal. I'm excited to see if this orange peel theory has merit...

My Xmas dinner* recommendation: one mug of Orange Peel Tea
(*because everyone overeats at this meal)

Take tangerine or clementine peels, dry them out (let them sit in the sun, bake them, or let them dry out on the counter), then place them in boiling water, let steep for 15 minutes to make tea, then finally, drink this tea after a big meal! 


  1. This is awesome! I'm going to include this advice (with a link) in a future post. and will definitely try this, as I have problems with spleen qi and dampness! Thanks!

  2. Looking forward to sipping orange peel tea with you ;)


  3. thanks for sharing.


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