5 Tips to (Remember to) Breath Better

Deep breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, fully inhaling, fully exhaling, belly breathing... 

...we've all heard that we don't breath properly and that better breathing is linked to better overall health; it oxygenates and detoxifies your whole body.  But how do we get better at breathing? It's one thing to say you should breath through your belly and not your chest, but when you've spent your whole life chest-breathing, it's a hard habit to break. So, I've compiled 5 ways/tips to help you remember to breath better: slower, deeper, and using your belly.  

Ready to become a better breather? Then take a deep breath in and let's go!

Start incorporating these 5 tricks into your life to help you to remember to breath better. Maybe start with 1 tip, then add another, etc, until you're doing all 5. Once they all become habits that stick, you'll be belly breathing pro! 

1) Take a deep, belly breath in every time you look at yourself in the mirror. That will likely be every time you use the washroom. 
2) While stopped at a red light (or stopped at a TTC station for Toronto commuters), place your hand on your tummy and try to lift it with your breath.
3) Every time you get up from sitting (either when on the coach, eating, reading, doing work on a computer, etc) take a deep breath in upon the initial rise from your seat.
4) Make brushing-your-teeth-time also be belly-breathing-time. 
5) Don't consider line-waiting time as useless time. Consider any time you have wait as an opportunity to take deep, belly breaths. 

This cute image was found on the adorably illustrated blog, GoodDayGoldfish. 

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