Gadget Hygiene

Cleaning: a dreaded chore by many. 

Let's see, we clean our dishes, clothing (laundries), bathrooms, floors... but how often do we clean the devices we use each and everyday? I'm talking about our cell phones, laptops, tablets, music devices, and other technological goodies. I take my cell phone everywhere. It's been rested on countless dirty surfaces (desks, kitchen counters, dusty shelves, cafeteria tables, etc) and is always been touched by my grubby hands (I remember to wash my hands before eating, but do I wash my hands before calling someone, never!). I also use my laptop while eating all the time. There are likely many soup stains, fruit juices, and chocolate smudges all over my laptop (but it is hard to tell since it is a dark colored laptop...). The point I am trying to make is that we are a technology dependent society but I don't think we've learned how to properly take care of all of our devices, especially in the hygiene department.

So, here is my solution:

Biweekly, take out a hypoallergenic alcohol-free sanitizing wipe*, and give your cell phone, laptop, and other gadget you frequently use a little "bath". 

*See the picture above for my canister of Clean Well wipes, available at major grocery stores in the "Natural" aisle or at health food stores. The greener the wipe, the less you have to worry about the chemicals affecting the devices' functioning. 

I don't think we need to be soooo hygienic as to scrub our devices daily, but I think a "bath" every week or two is good to get rid of residue food, stains, bacteria, viruses, and other lingering microbes. One sanitizing wipe should be good enough to clean two to three devices as they are quite large. At that rate, one package of wipes should last you about a year if you use one biweekly...

...that's a good, clean, and healthy investment to me!

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  1. Good point! Probably a good investment for the devices too!


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