Have a LOVEly day!

Fruit and vegetable love: how suiting for a naturopathic, health focused blog!

Ah Valentine's Day, the commercialialized day of love. A rip-off in many aspects (overpriced flowers and 3-course meals, false expectations, a whole lot of pink junk on store shelves...you know what I mean). Nonetheless I am a 
big fan of this holiday. What can I say: red is my favorite color, I love holidays at school (everyone us full of spirit), and I love chocolate...three things that V-Day offers.
Regardless of whether or not you are celebrating today, I hope you have a lovely day! 


  1. True it is very commercialized, but I think back of you and your brother growing up and crafting homemade valentines to cookie grams to "kisses" in high school and for that reason I love Valentine's Day!
    Olive you berry much Becca and Dinkum ;)

    xoxo Momma


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