Pineapple Stem to the Rescue!

Did you know that pineapple stems contain medicine? Bromelain is a naturally occurring chemical found in pineapple stems that is very healing and beneficial to the body.

However, you can't eat pineapple stems in order to reap its medicinal benefits. Unfortunately, bromelain is only able to be extracted in laboratories by supplement companies.

We naturopaths prescribe Bromelain to patients suffering from musculoskeletal injuries or complaints, like muscle pain, strains/sprains, and even arthritis, as Bromelain is anti-inflammatory. But when you take Bromelain  make sure to take it away from food to get its anti-inflammatory effects. However, if you do take it with food, it's safe. You'll just get Bromelain's digestive benefits and not its anti-inflammatory effects.

That's right: this supplement has two completely different effects in the body depending on whether it is consumed with food or not.  So, let's recap:

With food: digestive enzyme (helps to better digest food)

Without food: anti-inflammatory agent (helps treat muscle injuries/aches/pains)

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  1. While I never knew of its medicinal properties, I did know that the stuff exists- On Star Trek, Malcolm Reed is allergic to bromelin and takes medication so he can eat pineapple- his favourite food.


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