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Some of my cleaner cleaners

Let's chat about cleaning supplies. You're trying to clean your house, but if you aren't using a cleaner cleaner, you may be making the place dirtier than it was before you cleaned. By dirtier, I don't mean muddy, grimy, or stinky; rather I mean that they dirty up the air quality and your lungs, as the majority of household cleaners are extremely toxic. If you find that cleaning products fumes hurt your lungs, irritate your skin, make your eyes water, or leave harsh smells that linger in your house for hours, then it's time to clean-up your cleaners!

A compilation of 10 of cleaner cleaners:
(in no particular order)

1) Eco-Vert: A Canadian cleaner supplies company, from Quebec
2) Ecover: I buy their dish soap and sprays (both shown above)
3) ECOS: I use their laundry detergent, which I buy at Costco
4) Nature Clean: I've tried most of their products and have had positive experiences
5) Seventh Generation: A popular cleaning supplies company among my peers
6) President's Choice Green: I've only tried their dishwasher tablets. I can't vouch for the other products
7) Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap: An awesome product especially if you want to make your own cleaning supplies (see #10 for recipes) and beauty care products
8) Mrs. Meyer's: Never used, but my local health food store stocks all their products
9) I do not recommend Green Works as this product is owned by Chlorox and I just don't trust a super toxic cleaning company to also produce a healthier, greener product. Their products also smell horrible: very synthetic-chemical smelling.
10) Make-it-yourself: Lots of recipes here and here. I've made homemade cleaners in the past and liked them, but due to time constraints of being at CCNM, I got out of the habit.

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