Daffodils in My Future

There are daffodils in my future... 

The daffodil is the symbol of the Canadian Cancer Society

...and my future holds a lot of time with this book: 

Naturopathic Oncology by Dr. Neil McKinney, ND

As my class' (CCNM class of 2014) fourth-year clinic schedule will be published on Monday, I think it is an appropriate time to announce that next year I will be treating cancer patients at my school's Adjunctive Cancer Care Clinic Shift located in the RSNC teaching clinic.

Way back in January, I submitted my essay and resume to the selection committee, and was shortly after short-listed for an interview. I was then interviewed by the supervisors of this shift (who are naturopathic oncologists). Then, about 2-3 weeks after that, I was notified that I was selected to partake on the Cancer Care Focus Shift. Hooray!

What an opportunity! I am so happy to be partaking in this shift next year and I can't wait to learn from these experienced NDs who've been working with cancer patients for years. I definitely plan to offer naturopathic cancer care to patients in my future clinic and with this shift under my belt, I am well on my way to learning the cancer-care ropes!  


  1. We are very proud of you and feel this is a great undertaking especially since you will return to the Maritimes to practice where unfortuneately cancer is so prevalent :(

    Congrats(again ;)... we may have known this secret for awhile) to our Becca!

    xoxo Mom and Dad

    PS - Mom is eager to see that book!!

  2. AMAZING!!! CONGRATULATIONS! You are so awesome! Much love!


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