Massage Memories

I visited the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy located in Toronto recently. They operate similar to CCNM, in that they have a teaching clinic where the students work under supervisors near the end of their studies. Since the practitioners are still students, the massage fees are greatly reduced too.

Image from the RCCMT website. 

The best part of attending the college was not getting the massage (the massage was actually quite rough! Definitely not relaxing, but structurally therapeutic in that the student worked heavily on the tight muscles)... but was being reminded of all the massage techniques I learned in my first-year Massage class. Here is the link to all of my posts that talk about Massage from year-one at CCNM.

The entire massage experience was a giant flash back to what I learned in year-one. We were trained in all of the basic massage techniques and were taught by Registered Massage Therapists (RMT). I remembered the draping, the pillowing, the names of the different massage techniques, the correct terminology (you lie on a table, not a bed!), the etiquette, the sequence of events, and much, much more! I am really surprised at how much I recalled. Now I know that in the future, when I forget a modality or technique taught in class, I just need to go and experience it as a refresher! It's amazing how quickly the material comes back once the memory is prodded.

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