Silly Shamrock Shake

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

McDonald's has been serving its famous "Shamrock Shake" all month-long. If you take a peek at the ingredients, which are presented in this article, you'll see that it has 30+ ingredients and most are complete junk. So silly. Instead of indulging in this toxic treat, I've chosenhi to drink my healthier and cleaner shamrock shake, which happens to be made with only 5 ingredients!

(My Super-Healthy Version of the) Shamrock Shake

1 ripe banana, chopped and frozen
1 cup almond mylk
1/2 cup packed mint leaves
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 teaspoons raw honey

Blend all ingredients until smooth.  Serve immediately or the mint will oxidize and turn the smoothie brown. Serves 2. Alternatively you can use spinach instead of mint.

May the Luck of the Irish Be With You Today!

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  1. ....and to you too my wee lassie ;)

    Very creative Becca, it looks really good!

    Happy St Paddy's!



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