Spring Dietary Transition

I've been saying all Fall and Winter that cooked foods are best. We crave warming, hearty foods during cold months, and prefer lighter and cooler foods during hot months of the year. These foods are easier on the Spleen according to Chinese Medicine.

Mmm, stir-fry and lemon water: two Spring and Liver-friendly foods!

Since it is almost Spring (yippee!), we can now transition out of soup, stews, and heavy casseroles. However, don't get ahead of your body too, too fast: we're not quite ready for crisp salads, watermelon, and popsicles. Now that it slightly warmer, it's time for transition foods to more lighter, cooler Summer-food fare, by eating semi-cooked, semi-raw foods. For instance, rather than roasting or baking your veggies, try lightly lightly stir-frying or sauteing your food, which warms the outside, but leave the inside a bit crisp. Stir-fries are not much more than warmed salads anyways. Feel free to eat more fruit and add more salads to your diet too. And since it is still March, continue to focus on all things green!

Also according to TCM dietary principles, Spring is the Liver time of the year. Therefore, try to increase your Liver-friendly foods for optimal health. Liver-friendly foods are bitter and sour foods, like lemons, vinegar, greens, artichokes, coffee and coffee-like substances (like dandelion tea or roasted chicory root), etc.

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