The Human Hippy

Pictured above are two lattes... but not-at-all in the traditional sense. They are homemade almond milk, dandelion root coffee, and local, raw honey infused lattes. I know, I know: I'm a hippy.

Nevertheless, even though I present mostly uber healthy recipes on my blog and talk about healthy living and eating all.the.time., please understand that I am also human. My diet isn't perfect and sometimes eat food that isn't good for me. Enter my nemesis:

Ah, mini eggs. I never, ever crave candy. But when the Spring season rolls around and these bad boys hit the shelves, I have to buy a pack. Gah they're so good! Thank goodness they leave stores after Easter. Thank goodness they are a once a year treat.

So there you have it. Even naturopaths have junk food cravings. Most of the time we are regarded as hippies, but we're also humans with weaknesses just like everyone else.
Happy Long Weekend!


  1. A good share - I think your future patients will appreciate your honesty and relatability.

    xo(Jelly Bean)Mom


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