My New Home

Formal lectures and classes are officially over! 

Instead of hanging out in the Lecture Theatre all day, this will be my new home come May: the clinic!

 Treatment room of the RSNC (my school's teaching clinic). Rooms feature chairs for chatting, a treatment table (for physical exams, manipulations, acupuncture, massages, and more), and a sink area where basic medical equipment is kept (gloves, swabs, tongue depressors, etc). 

In the conference rooms where we debrief after a shift, a copy of the Naturopathic Doctor's Oath (pictured on the right) hangs to inspire us and keep us on track. 

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  1. It's sooo exciting ;)

    Can hardly wait for "your" office....I'd love to help get it ready!!!!

    Gushing, giggly Momma


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