NDO Spring AGM Recap

Today I attended the Naturopathic Doctors Ontario's (NDO) Spring Annual General Meeting (AGM). I think I was one of maybe four students in attendance... the other hundred plus people were practicing NDs. Lots of my professors were in attendance as well as some "famous" NDs. The beginning of the meeting featured a presentation about where NDs in Ontario are regulation wise. From what I could tell (it's a complicated and lengthy process), naturopathic doctors in Ontario are on the cusp of obtaining prescribing rights. The transition council has continuing education courses already geared up and ready to go to begin training NDs on the new products, supplements, and drugs, that they'll be able to use once the prescribing rights are obtained. However, notez bien that by having prescribing rights does not mean that Ontario NDs can start dishing out drugs. It really means that they'll be able to officially "prescribe" a chamomile tincture rather than "recommend" it, as we currently do. Nevertheless, believe that we'll have access to some synthentic pharmaceuticals too, but those details won't be confirmed until August 2013.

Later on in the meeting, the floor was open for NDs to ask questions and speak their mind. Some comments were quite loaded, while others were clear and simple. It was very cool to watch as a non-ND but future-ND. I wonder how passionate I'll feel about these topics when I'm in their position...

After a bit, lunch was served. Gluten-free and dairy-free, including the dessert, which was nice. Over lunch, the official AGM portion of the meeting took lace; I couldn't vote as I am only a student, but I stuck around to hear what was discussed nonetheless.

The lunches were even branded with the new NDO logo.

The NDO has had a lot of changes in the past year, so there was a lot to talk about, including a new CEO and a new name! The new name, NDO (it was formally the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND)) was officially adopted at this meeting, as well as the organization's new branding and website, found here.

Lastly, there was a presentation on optimizing social media... but I left early and didn't attend this. Even though I am a blogger, I pretty much hate social media and how we students keep being told that "social media is key in building a practice" without any evidence given that this is true. Boo!

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