Treatment Tuesday 1: I'm in clinic!

I've been in clinic for almost two weeks now and boy-oh-boy has it been exciting! So far, so good. I'm am loving my supervisors, shifts, schedule, office, and all that jazz.

I am shocked at how easy the transition from student to intern would be. Upper years told me that you'd be "very uncomfortable" for AT LEAST a month. But surprisingly, I haven't been nervous! I've actually felt very comfortable in my new role. I guess that means that I'm in the right profession :)

So what have I done so far... had a shift in the Botanical Compounding Room (see below), had a full day of orientation/training for the Adjunctive Cancer Care shift, started at a satellite clinic, performed acupuncture, and even given some vitamin B12 injections. It's been a very busy, but very exciting couple of weeks.

Look at all those tinctures (back wall)! To the right are loose leaf herbs that can be used for teas!

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  1. Tons of Tinctures - ewww, but ahhhh.

    (You need to create a slogan like Buckleys)

    Momma ;)


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