Treatment Tuesday 3: Drink Up!

Want to know how much water you are drinking in a day?

Drink from a measuring cup!

At the restaurant  The Works, they serve their water in big measuring cups. Thanks to these cups, I now know that I drank a liter over the course of my dinner (2 of these cups = 1 L). 

If you struggle to consume 2 L of water a day (the recommended amount for healthy adults) maybe a measured drinking device would help you keep track of the water you are consuming. 


  1. I Love to drink water but have not given much thought to measuring my intake. I know that when I was in Hot Dry countries we were instructed to drink as much as a 1 liter per hour or more when needed. We used a Heat index to adjust our intake. In Canada we too could watch the water we cosume espicaly in the hot humid summer. J.A.M.

    1. Thanks for sharing your cool story! --Amy


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