A burger, topped with some healing, and washed down with a white beer.

- I know I am not in Kansas anymore. There was a BBQ at CCNM recently. It was the first BBQ that I went to that where every bun was whole-wheat bun, veggie burgers and grilled chicken breasts were offered in addition to burgers, and there were roasted red peppers, sauerkraut, and caramelized onions for toppings in addition to the regular lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. Talk about fancy... and yum!

- I read recently that to become well, one must develop a sense of responsibility, of participation, and must take pride in his or her achievements on the road to good health. I like this a lot. I feel like many sick people put a lot of emphasis on their doctor or medicine to make them better, but the only thing truly capable of curing them is their own bodies. A simple example: a doctor giving someone stitches for a wound. Neither the doctor nor the actual stitches heal a wound. All the stitches do is bring the skin closer together and then the body heals itself.

- Did you know white beer is to filtered beer as whole-wheat bread is to white bread? In the world of beer, the white one is the whole one. White beer is unfiltered (giving it that cloudy appearance), leaving the beer with more nutrients from the yeast and barley malt. One of the nutrients lost from most beers are the B vitamins which are not removed from unfiltered beers. So, as with breads, the whole option seems to be the healthier one.

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