Peppermint Tea.

Peppermint tea helps with digestion, so it is the perfect after dinner drink. It also soothes upset stomachs, for the times when dinner isn't setting too well.

If you want to enjoy a healthy mug of peppermint tea, here is the proper way to make it: boil some water, pour the water onto peppermint leaves (that have been placed in the bottom of a mug) OR onto a peppermint tea bag, COVER the mug, let it seep for 5 minutes, drink, and savor the aromas. Peppermint is high in essential oils that are volatile and evaporate easily when heated, so the covering step is very important to preserve the healthiness of the tea.

Ever wonder why restaurants give out peppermints at the end of a meal? No, the mints are not there to cover up your garlic breath, but they are supposed to help you digest due to biological properties of the peppermint herb.

Also, in Indian restaurants, you sometimes see candy covered caraway seeds. Same thing as with the peppermints, these seeds are there to help you to digest.

Lastly, today is a special day because it is my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. Congratulations! xoxo

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  1. We are going to pick up some peppermint leaves to make "real" tea. Thanks for the suggestion:)

    25 years is a great milestone for your parents. What do you think they are most proud of in their 25 year union??? Perhaps a " couple " of things???

    xoxo to you,
    PJ & M


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