Hippocrates and Soy.

Today I learned that Hippocrates said, back in 400 B.C.E., that the keys to good health are to "Eat Well, Sleep Well, and Rest Well". Why is it that thousands of years later the majority of the public still haven't grasped this simple concept?!

I also learned a reason to eat more phytoestrogens (dietary steroids that act like estrogen, found in flaxseeds and soy). The phytoestrogens bind to the same receptor as the estrogen molecule, activating estrogen pathways in the body. Bisphenol (found in plastics, you might have heard of Bisphenol-A in the news recently, it is found in aluminum cans and it is released from plastics, especially when the plastics are heated (e.g. plastic containers being microwaved)) also binds to the estrogen receptor, stimulating it, which could lead to the activation of cancer cell pathways. Phytoestrogens compete with bisphenols to bind to the estrogen receptors. As it is MUCH better for a phytoestrogen to bind to the receptor than bisphenols, when you are exposed to plastic and cans (as EVERYONE is) foods like soy and flaxseeds have a protective effect.

Oh, and in regards to my allergies blog entry, I found out today that Naturopathic Medicine is (teasingly) called "Dirty Medicine" ...because it supports the consumption of a little dirt from time to time!

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  1. That does it - we're only bathing on weekends!

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