Random new things.

This program is intense. I am taking 12 classes at once right now and am in lecture from roughly 9-to-5 everyday. I am so happy I have this blog to let family and friends know how and what I am doing each day even though I can't call or email them as much as I would like.

Tuesday is my worst day of classes (too much material in one day, gahh!). However, here are some interesting and random things that I learned today...

Cats don't need to eat fruit because they can make Vitamin C on their own (humans can't and must eat Vitamin C daily in the form of fruits, veggies, or supplements).

Children don't like green foods because they have an innate response to associate them with mold.

The peanut is a very complicated molecule and thus it is no wonder our immune system usually considers it as toxic.

In Europe it is illegal to work all day in an office without any windows.

Anatomy uses the dead to learn about the living, whereas in physiology, only the living is studied as all human physiology stops upon death.

Swollen lymph nodes mean your immune system is working well (your body is producing lots of lymphocytes that are riding the body of invaders and it is in the nodes that invaders are taken from the lymph fluid and are confronted by your defense system). Puss is good too; it is not a bacterial build-up but your own cells who generate white puss in an infected area (it is actually dead neutrophils, and if they are building up, it means the battle is almost over!)e

We get most of our genes and important organelles (i.e. the mitochondrion) from out Mother, so it is funny how people trace blood lines by tracing their Father's name and how children often take their Father's last name.

And lastly, another Hippocrates quote: "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food". :)


  1. Well, if Mom gives us all the important biological stuff, maybe it balances things out a bit for Dad to contribute his name?

    The children green-food mold thing is pretty neat, but it seems like it would make giving a kid veggies a bit difficult...

  2. Was just explaining some of the things I read here to my girlfriend last night.
    Really fascinating stuff!

  3. Becca - your Momma must really rock - Wooohoooo!!!!

    Love & kisses,

    PJ & M


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