Happy Hallowe'en!

I'm sure tomorrow will be an extra rough Monday morning for most. Yeah, Mondays tend to always be rough, but the Monday after a candy-binge... yikes. Take-it easy on the sweets tonight in order to prevent a Monday-morning sugar hangover. :P

In other nutrition news, I have decided to do another "Becca" series. My first serious ("Becca's Super Foods") will continue, but now every once and a while I am going to blog about digestion (this series will be called "Becca's Digestion Tips"). I hate to admit it, but eating properly is actually pretty complicated (the reason I "hate to admit" this is because I don't want to discourage people from eating healthier because it seems too complicated). In order to be successful at most things (career, education, sports... even healthy eating!) it usually takes a lot of practice, hard work, and dedication. Some of the tips I will give may seem a little foreign and strange at first, but if you choose to incorporate them regularly into your life/diet, they will eventually become routine and you'll end up eating healthier without much thought at all.

Note: the tips I am going to give are general guidelines to follow in order to experience better digestion, but because digestion is different for everyone, results may very. If you are experiencing troublesome digestion problems, then I would strongly suggest seeking the help of a qualified health practitioner.

As a prelude to the commencement of Becca's Digestion Tips, I want to challenge my readers to try to read one food ingredient label every couple of days. A good place to start (when looking to improve digestion) is to get to know what you are actually eating. If there are ingredients that you don't understand or can't even pronounce, take note of them, but don't panic! Some foods that are completely harmless have the most complicated names (xanthan gum is a great example... it has a scary name, but it's really just a carbohydrate that is used as a thickener).

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