Happy World Vegan Day!

Yes, today is World Vegan Day! You can learn more about veganism (in addition to what I present on this blog) here.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate my "sister-in-law" Elizabeth on her engagement and upcoming wedding. In exactly two months time I will happily be wearing a red bridesmaid dress at her New Year's Day wedding (unless she suddenly changes her mind about my participation :P).

Ginger root is an excellent digestive aid. It is a bit bitter, so it helps prepare the stomach for digestion if you have some before a meal (in some fancy restaurants, a ginger cocktail is served before the meal). If you experience digestive upsets after a meal (stomach ache, indigestion, etc), make yourself a ginger tea as ginger also helps with digestion after the food is eaten. Ginger also prevents nausea and has been used in some cultures for years. In North America, nausea is often combated with the drug Gravol. Recently this famous anti-nausea company introduced a new version that includes organic ginger. I find it amusing to see pharmaceutical drug companies jump on the natural and organic food bandwagon :P

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