Relaxing and the CCNM Campus.

Well, since finishing midterms I've treated myself to three things:

1) I enjoyed some of my Mom's favorite wine (Gallo) with fresh baguette made of walnut and raisins (but since my bread was a purplish color, and the "raisins" were very, very small, I think I got a dried blueberry and walnut baguette instead (score!)).
2) I went shopping for baking/cooking supplies in Kensington Market.
3) I baked a pumpkin cake using homemade pumpkin puree.

Now, a bit about the CCNM campus:

- There is a teaching clinic on site where patients come and are seen by fourth-year interns under the supervision of experienced Naturopathic Doctors.
- Every month, about three free seminars are offered at the school to the public at large. The topics are broad, but all are aimed to teach the public more about naturopathic medicine. This month there is one about NM diabetes management and one about natural remedies for the cold and flu season.
- There is a cafeteria on site. The company that operates the cafeteria is called Healthy Catering. Their meals are all organic, lots are gluten-free and vegan, and although some are meat meals, the meat is all free-range.
- The school has its own residence for NM students, as well as a residence for international students studying English as a Second Language (ESL studies).


  1. We have visited your residence. Which part is for Int'l language students?

    Do they have no connection to CCNM other than the residence?

    Curious.....PJ & M

  2. The third floor.

    Nope, no CCNM connection. Just rent out the space from the school.


Thanks for your comment!