Super Food Number Three.

Becca's Super Food Number Three: Pumpkin Seeds.

I love pumpkin seeds, especially when they are made into butter. I am pretty sure it is my favorite way to dress my toast. It is very earthy and turns toast a lovely green color. But why rave about pumpkin seeds (or pumpkin seed butter, for that matter)? Well, here is a comparison to peanut butter: pumpkin seed butter is higher in protein, lower in fat and calories, has a third of the daily iron requirement (that's huge for such a small serving!), and is a source of calcium (peanut butter has no calcium and very little iron).

A couple of weeks ago I made a beautiful hummus using pumpkin seed butter. It was very unique, using lentils (not chickpeas), blended with pumpkin seed butter (not tahini), and flavored with Indian spices (in addition to the regular garlic, lemon juice, and salt). Check it out.

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