Thanksgiving and the ND program.

Holidays are supposed to be happy, but Thanksgiving is the one holiday that makes me really sad. Thank goodness I don't have to go to the grocery store this weekend because I think I would cry (again). Don't worry: I am not going to push anything upon anyone regarding diet (because I am not that kind of vegan). But, if you knew, I'd bet you'd cry too.

On a more positive note, the weather is BEAUTIFUL here in Toronto. I wore a tank top outside and wasn't cold!

A bit about my program:

There are about 500 students (in total) at CCNM. The naturopathic doctor (ND) program is four years long. First year is devoted to teaching the basic sciences and introducing all of the naturopathic modalities. Year two (the hardest) is expanding on everything taught in first year in WAY more depth. After year two, students write part 1 of their NPLEX exams (board licensing exams). Third year is very hands on, with a lot of time spent in the school's teaching clinic. Right after third-year Spring final exams, students go straight into their internships in the clinic. The entire fourth year (and summer of the third year) is spent as working as Intern in the clinic, treating patients under the supervision of an ND. After convocation in May of year four, students will spend their summer studying for their NPLEX exams, part 2. Finally, after more licensing requirements and lots of paperwork, students will no longer be students, but will be official Naturopathic Doctors.

(NOTE: If you do, however, want to learn more about the Thanksgiving holiday, I would strongly suggest reading the book Eating Animals by Johnathon Safran Foer).


  1. Ok, ok we bought you the book - I guess its time to read it?

    Can Tony hook me up or do you have it?

    PJ & M

  2. A friend has it... I will see if Tony can get it from that friend.


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