I am in love...

...with the human body.

More specifically, I love anatomy. The human body is so complicated yet so beautiful. I am constantly dumbfounded by how intricately detailed everything is.

One day in Anatomy, when spent one hour discussing one muscle. In today's Anatomy lecture, we started learning about the carpal (aka the wrist) bones; amazingly there are 27 bones in the wrist and hand regions alone!


Yesterday I talked about the holiday season. This year I want all of my readers to give themselves a very important gift. Make yourself an appointment with a naturopathic doctor.

And if you can't fathom treating yourself to a gift when there are so many to think of, then consider this MY GIFT. The very best gift you could possibly give me is to take action towards your own health and wellness ...all the while supporting and promoting my future profession.


  1. Actually, that (ND check-up...maybe not an ailment-specific visit!) seems like a good idea for a gift for someone else, too.

  2. Excellent idea! ...maybe a homemade gift certificate for an ND appointment?


Thanks for your comment!