Shadowing and Ethnic Food.

Today I had the opportunity to shadow a naturopathic doctor at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic (aka the CCNM teaching clinic). I was lucky to have sat in on around ten patient visits. I got to see a lot of interesting cases; oh how health can be so complicated! I have such admiration for the fourth-year interns whom I saw 'in action' at the clinic today; they are so professional and knowledgeable. It is so hard to believe that in less than three years I will be in their position treating patients ...in the meantime, so much to learn!

Ethnic Food:
I checked it out a new Thai food restaurant yesterday with a classmate and it was awesome. The interesting thing about veganism is that eating-out in restaurants is no problem, when the restaurants don't specialize in North American food. Thai, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and Indian restaurants (to a name a few) all offer plenty of vegan and vegetarian dishes in addition to their meat-based meals. I think the reason why so many people ask "what do you eat?" when I tell them I am vegan is because the typical North American diet is centered around meat (would you like potato or rice with your steak?, white or whole-wheat toast with your bacon?, do you want the chicken, ham, or turkey sub?). But when you embrace the traditional menus of other cultures, it is easy to eat delicious food without animal products (avocado sushi anyone?, how about some spicy lentil dahl?, do you want your chickpea falafels in a white or whole-wheat pita?).

P.S. Since tonight most of us will be gaining an extra hour of sleep, I have decided that tomorrow will be a good time to discuss some healthy sleeping habits. See you then!

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  1. ...seconded.

    I love that about most non-Western types of food.

    By the way the fact that food from older cultures tend to feature less meat seems like a pretty clear indication that our bodies are not adapted to eating the amount of it lots of people eat nowadays. Shake that image of the cave man and woman eating BBQ every day.


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