Stepping outside of the comfort zone.

Comfort Zones

Well, this was an interesting week: I decided to challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone... and I did this twice.

First off, I went to a chiropractor for the first time and I got my lower back adjusted (eek!). Second, I attended a yoga class being offered at CCNM. Now, why are those things out of my comfort zone? Well, I've never been to a chiropractor before and was kind of nervous to experience my first adjustment. I feel so silly for being nervous about a back adjustment: chiropractor doctors have 4 years of training on top of an undergraduate degree (just like NDs). They are well-trained professionals who are very skilled at human tissue, muscle, and bone manipulations. Anywho, the experience was really interesting and no problems arose from the adjustment. As for the yoga, it seems like EVERYBODY does yoga here at CCNM, but I don't. Yoga and I never 'clicked'. I've done yoga before and hated it, but that was a long time ago so I felt the need to try again. While the hour yoga session was enjoyable, I still didn't feel any "aha!" moment. Sorry yoga, but you and me aren't meant to be.

I challenge my readers to try something new this month. Try to step outside of your comfort zone. Or, try to give something you once hated a second chance... maybe you'll be luckier than me and find a new love!

Myelinated Axons vs Unmyelinated Axons

Axons conduct signal transductions through the body. Axons that are myleinated (as in they are covered with a protected sheath) conduct signals faster than those that are unmyleinated. For example, if you stub your big toe, you immediately feel a sharp surge of pain (this pain is from the faster myleinated axon) which is followed by a dull, throbbing pain (this pain is from the slower unmyleinated axon, which is why you feel the pain after the sharper pain).


  1. you have everyone thinking now.....stepping outside of their comfort zone......what will it be?????

    PJ & M

  2. First of all, I think people moving outside their 'comfort zones' is nothing short of the KEY to LIFE. ...to growth, anyway, without which life is kind of pointless.

    Second, it immediately made me thing of the theory that 21 days of something forms a habit. So...

    If you know something outside your comfort zone is good, and you want to make getting into it stick, try to hold yourself out of your zone for a full three weeks.

    I haven't tried this out yet, but I will...


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