Heal as One.

Every graduating class at CCNM is given a motto and symbol to inspire them during their four years of studies. My class (aka the class of 2014) has the motto Heal as One and our symbol is a gingerbread-style person made out of puzzle pieces. Kind of like this. On the first day of classes, we were all given t. shirts with this motto and symbol printed on the front. Last month, we all received patient gowns (aka johnny shirts) with Heal as One and puzzle-man printed on them too (we wear these gowns during our functional anatomy, massage, and acupuncture classes). Also, right before of May 2014 convocation, everyone will paint their name on a giant banner with our year, motto and symbol painted in the center. This banner will then be displayed in the school's lecture theatre (along with the banners from all the graduating classes since 2000).

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  1. Very cool - we didn't know this.

    We'd love to be gingerbread men for you ;)



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