The Non-Naturopathic Naturopathic Doctor Program.

Before I came to CCNM, I attended a "Discover CCNM" session. This session was designed to provide prospective students with lots of information about the four-year ND program, about the profession, and how to apply. The event also featured a talk by recently graduated and practicing ND. After the formal presentation, I got to talk to the new ND one-to-one. I'll never forget one important thing he told me: even though this program teaches you everything about naturopathic medicine, the program itself is not naturopathic. Do as I say, not as I do.

This week as proven what he said to be very true. In five days, I've written seven 1.5-2.5 hour long exams. If that isn't enough, I have three more to write next week! No matter how much you studied and prepared in advance, exam week will take a bit of life out of you. I feel like I manage my stress very well and studied lots in advance, but I still crammed in studying up to fifteen minutes before each exam and woke-up with some serious butterflies every exam morning. I wrote an exam, then back to the books I went for the next one.

I love, however, the support I've been getting from my classmates. We usually commiserate after each exam, and there is pretty much always a consensus on how the exam went (for instance: Homeopathy was BRUTAL (agreed by all) while Biochemistry was very, very reasonable (thank you, Dr. Fraser! We needed a straight forward exam, especially on a Friday afternoon)).

Although this week has been tough, I've still managed to sleep a good amount every night, eat proper home-cooked meals, take regular study-breaks, and shower regularly (you won't see me showing up to an exam in PJs!); four things that I am very proud of.

In more happier news, I enjoyed my first official Xmas cookie of the season. One of my classmates made gluten-free, dairy-free, star-shaped sugar cookies, complete with pink sprinkles! I am just itching to start my own holiday baking (I think I've decided on Gingerbread Cookies and some more Almond Butter ones for Tony :P). Almost done, then the baking will begin!

P.S. Aunt K - if you are reading, I got your Xmas card; thanks for thinking of me!

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  1. Wow we are exhausted for you! And take extra cat naps for your brain.

    It is "ironic" that you are sooo stressed out to become de - stessers!

    Momma remembers that ND saying exactly what you wrote - there was nothing healthy about this ;(

    Unless it gives you the "feel" of what overloaded patients are talking about...perhaps?

    xoxo PJ&M - 3 more sleeps :)


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