Interesting Tid-bits 2.

- Unfortunately it is possible to pass away due to a broken rib. (Well, the actual cause of death is pneumonia, but the pneumonia is the result of this bone fracture). When a rib is broken, the patient tends to breath much shallower. Deep breaths will typically hurt due to the radiating pain of the rib fracture. The patient will breath short and frequent breaths, rather than their regular deeper breaths. This is problematic because without deep breathing, no air recycling occurs in the deepest parts of the lung. No fresh sources of oxygen arrive to these areas and as a result, bacteria (that can not survive in oxygen-rich environments) start thriving and multiplying. Pneumonia (severe inflammation of the lung) can develop and can be deadly depending on the health of the patient.

- The proper name for the knee cap is the patella.

- In the Western world, aging is considered a disease; our culture is very anti-aging even though getting older is a completely normal part of life and should not be combated per-say. My TCM professor wondered what the world would be like if everyone embraced aging rather than fear and prevent it...

- Irritable bowel disease is when the gut is chronically inflamed. The gut should not be inflamed. The immune system cells in the digestive tract (i.e. the cells that protect the body from external pathogens), do not produce immune responses that cause inflammation. When the gut is inflamed, nutrients are not properly absorbed and digested, and food and liquids tend to pass through too quickly (causing loose stools, cramps, etc).

- The color of urine should be a very pale yellow color in the toilet bowl. If urine appears to be darker, it is likely the result of poor hydration. Prevent dehydration by aiming for at least 6 cups of pure water a day.

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